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Praise for The Displacements


“The novel’s laser focus is on our present moment, and reading The Displacements is like bingeing a monthslong news cycle in six hours…a thorough translation to fiction of what it can feel like to live right now. It’s hypnotic.”


“Bruce Holsinger has written a novel that succeeds in confronting the shocking realities of these times without being either apocalyptic or pessimistic. The Displacements is an urgent, powerful, unputdownable novel, filled with characters that are so vividly drawn that it is impossible not to care about them. A remarkable achievement.” 

AMITAV GHOSH, author of Gun Island and The Great Derangement

“Holsinger has built an apocalyptic plot on ground more secure than the foundations of many Miami homes . . . Indeed, the disaster that The Displacements whips up isn’t just powerful enough to smear Miami off the map; it’s powerful enough to wipe away our naive confidence that such a disaster isn’t coming for us. . .”


“A riveting and humbling reminder of how precarious our lives are in comparison to the power of nature, and a profound glimpse into our near future.” 

MARY BETH KEANE, New York Times-bestselling author of Ask Again, Yes

The Displacements is a gripping, full-throttle page-turner. Realistic and immediate, it puts the reader right in the eye of the emotional storm, alongside its characters. As much as this is a wake-up call about the unpredictable nature of weather and life, it is most powerfully a propulsive family drama and a provocative story of human dignity, human indignity, and the deeper meanings of home.” 

MIRANDA COWLEY HELLER, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of The Paper Palace


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